Pre K (4’s and 5’s)

Preschool (3 & 4’s)

When your child enters Pre-K, they will face challenges of every stripe and color, from learning obstacles to new social situations. With our small class size and superior instructors, we will help your youngster turn these challenges into success stories.

Our Pre-K program focuses on developing a core knowledge set that will not only aid your child in their first years of elementary school, but also give them the boost they need to truly excel. From learning the basics of math and writing to gaining a new appreciation of music, the well-rounded Best Friends Preschool approach will cover all bases.

In addition to beginning academics, the Best Friends Preschool Pre-K program also addresses social and emotional skills as well. Providing opportunities to accept responsibility, learn healthy habits, and interact positively with all types of children, we are certain your child will be ready for their new experiences at school.

Pre-K Teachers

Ms. Nickie
Lead Teacher: Pre K
(4’s & 5’s )
ECE qualified per state standards/requirements
25+ years Early Childhood Development/Education Experience
BFP team member since 2022

Experience why our children are HAPPY to learn!